Truck Spare part supply

We have been supplying spare parts for trucks since 2010. Our range includes more than 40 000 spare parts articles for trucks from over 50 manufacturers.

We are an official dealer of the largest domestic and foreign factories. Therefore, we can guarantee fast delivery, low prices and brand quality assurance to our customers.

We offer spare parts for vehicles for:

Also GAS and MWTP.

Our sales managers are trained by machinery and spare parts manufacturers. Therefore, we are always aware of current product range, market trends and applicability of every detail.

Our warehouses always have an extensive range of spare parts for trucks, tractors, dump trucks, on-board and all-wheel drive vehicles, chassis and special equipment in stock. We promptly complete and deliver orders to all regions of Russia and CIS countries.

TOP-50 spareparts:

240NM2-1000186 Engine
240PM2-1000186 Engine
238M2-1000018 Engine
240-1000001-02 Gasket Set YaMZ-240
240N-1002012-–® cylinder block
240-1002012-E Cylinder Block
240-1003270B valve cover gasket
240-1003013-E2 cylinder head YaMZ-240
236-1003270 valve cover gasket YaMZ-236
236-1003210 Laying-B2
7511.1004045-20 Rod
236-1004045 B3-rod
236-1004022-B Ring spring
236-1004052 B2-sleeve head
236-1004002 A4 ring piston YaMZ
236-1004005-B KT liner, piston, ring
240P-1004008-B K-ton liner, piston
236NE-1005009 Crankshaft
238-1005009-T2 Crankshaft
240-1005000-A2 crankshaft
236-1005009-A2 crankshaft
236-1005160 A6 cuff (140h170)
236-1007262 collar (12h21) valve stem cap
240-1008027 laying YaMZ
240-1009040-A2 Gasket
238-1009040-A gasket (rubber stopper)
236-1011014 Oil pump-B3 c / o YaMZ-236.238
240-1011014-B pump oil YaMZ-240
240N-B-1011014 pump
740-1012040 filter oil K-700/133-ZIL / MAZ / BELAZ (M5303 M)
236M-1106210 fuel pump low pressure YaMZ
236-1106210-A2 pump priming
236-1308011 T2-Fan Drive
236-1307010 A3 Water pump-YaMZ 236.238
236-1308011-B2 Drive
236-1306054 A Gasket Thermostat
240-1307010-A1 Pump YaMZ-240
323.1111220-10 discharge valve
901.1111008-20 pump YaMZ-240NM2
60.1111074-31 Couple plunger
33.1112110-240 Spray YaMZ-240m2, BM2
201-1117040 f / fuel element paper (T6301) MAZ,BelAZ,KrAZ, K-700/701M/702
60.1111005-30 pump YaMZ-236M2, -1, -4
80.1111005-30 pump YaMZ-238M2,2-2,7 / AM2,2-1
806.1111005-40 pump YaMZ-238D1
33.1112110-220 Spray YaMZ (instead 26.1112110-01)
80-1111012 P / 80.808 to the pump
26.1112010-04 nozzle YaMZ-236.238
263.1112010-04 nozzle YaMZ-240NM2, PM2
8.9130 turbocharger TCR-100-01
8.9131 turbocharger TCR-100-02
236K-1,601,090-B2 disc pressure
238-1601090-G3 Disc pressure
238-1601130 B-disc clutch slave front YaMZ
238-1601131 Clutch Disc Slave rear YaMZ
236-1701127 Gear
236-1701131 Gear
236-1701151-A Synchronizer 4-5th transmission
2381.1700004-06 PPC
236-1701138 Bushing gear
236-1701112 Gear
236-1701230 collar 42h64
236-1701150-B2 Synchronizer
236-1701135 Bushing gear
236N-1700003 Transmission
236U-1700003 Transmission
236-1701009-B Carter
ST142T-3708000 starter