Spare parts for tractors

Spare parts for tractors is one of the main spheres for NUN Group. Nowadays, after 19 years of successful operation, our product portfolio includes spare parts from catalogs of MTZ (Minsk tractor works), VMTZ, VGTZ, HTZ, CTZ, UMZ, MMZ (Minsk Motor Plan) and many other manufacturers.

Here you can not only buy tractor spare parts, but also get a high-quality service and a piece of advice from our experts.

To buy tractor spare parts and other products of NUN Group, please contact the managers of any of our branches. All major items are always in stock at our warehouses!

TOP-50 spare parts:

240-1005015 (243-1005015) crankshaft
70U.1301.010 radiator (brass tanks) 4 series (70-1301010)
240-1003012-A1 head assembly
D00.02.00.003-02 metering pump (D100-14.20-02)
15.5R38 F-2A Tire
240-1307010 -A1 water pump
70-1601015 clutch housing
240-1002001-B2 cylinder block
240-1404010A-01 oil filter
6-00.01 (6M1) D-245.27, D-245S-435/437 (MTZ-1025/1021) turbocharger
191.3759-01 relay (12 / 24V)
W14h38-3107020 rim (rear drive, wheel) (873.3107012)
4UTNM-P-1111005-30 pump D-65
72-1700010-06 Gearbox MTZ-82
70-2801120 A1 bar (50-2801120 A1)
D243-91M motor 81 hp
M124B Magneto
240 KV-1 air filter MTZ-82 (240-110965 / 66/67)
85-1601130 clutch disk MTZ-80/82/950
72-2209010A intermediate support (intermediate bearing)
50-3104010-A1 hub
70-3400020 hydraulic booster (hydraulic steering booster)
11.2-20 F-35-1 Tire
G464.3701 generator (D-700.04.1/12v) SMD14/140/17/21/D214/230/242/243/245/260
C100*200-3 (C100 / 40h200-3.44 (515) hydraulic cylinder (MTZ-80/82)
60-1205015A silencer short (Black)
4 UTNI-1111005-20 fuel pump D-240/243 (drive gear)
MTT-6 sensor (oil; MD-219)
70-1601090 Disk
72-1802020 transfer gearbox
50-1701214 gear z = 43
45-1301.006 radiator UMZ
74.3708000 starter (MMZ, D243, D245, D260 (12V))
D03-s91ASB (D03-S08A) crankshaft D-65
D00.02.00.005-02 metering pump (D160-14.20-02)
70-1303001 hose
Starter with gear JOB’s 12V 2.7 kW; MTZ-80, -82, T-40, T-25, T-16
UT-200D water temperature gauge
50-3502040 brake disk
240-1004100 rod
80-6700011 rear glass 1205*841 (80-6708211-A)
260-1005015-B-04 crankshaft (260-1005015 D-04) with a gear 260-1005030 E
60-1205015A original silencer
UK-133 AB temperature gauge
70U.1301.020 core (brass)
D245-06D engine MTZ-1020/1025 105 hp
240-1005114-A1 flywheel
KR 25 taps (PP6-1-0) fuel tank tap
UTNI 1111007-420 4-pump D-243
80-1601090 disk
50-1002313-V rear sheet
85-4202020-A-01 cover
11.1107010 (11.1107011) carburetor
50-1701045 gear
SND100V4-3740000 spark plug
NSH 32 M -3 pump
50-3502030A brake disk
50-1601180 release